Dissecting a flower on Periscope

Let’s dissect a flower with @arieloquent! 🌺🌻

Yesterday in Evolution (April 7, 2016) we were talking about MADS-box genes and flower development.  Immediately after class, this popped up on my Periscope feed from @SciFri!

In this video, @arieloquent takes you through the various structures of a flower (petals, stamens, pistils).  My students should be able to watch this and identify what genes caused these structures to develop in place of leaves.  As an extra challenge, @arieloquent takes on more complex flowers–my students should also be able to tell you that this complexity probably arose due to duplication of those same MADS-box genes.

You can watch the 21-minute video at the link below (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or app required to view):


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