Invited Presentations

Recent events

  • January 2020: “A metacognitive approach to trust and a case study: artificial agency”, Brown-bag talks, UNCA.

The 2010s

  • April 2018: “Evolution and learning: the natural, the social, the artificial”, The Brown Bag Talks, UNC, Asheville.
  • April 2018: “Reasoning with constraints and enablers in science. The case of principles in physics”, Philosophy of Science in Appalachia workshop, University of Kentucky, Lexington.
  • December 2017:“Multi-objective artificial moral agents”, CCEA meetings, University of Bucharest, Romania.
  • December 2017:“Varieties of scientific realism: the roles of principles, laws, and computation”, Lunchtime seminar, University of Bucharest, Romania.
  • October 2017:“Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Humanity: Misalignments and Realignments”, Pint with a Prof, Habitat Taverns and Commons, Asheville, NC.
  • November 2016:“Panelist on a discussion about the Ex Machina movie”, HTA 2016, Salve Regina University, RI.
  • February 2016:“Modularity and tractability. How deep is their relation? A mild skepticism.”, (Informal talk). Brown-bag talks, University of North Carolina, Asheville.
  • June 2015:“The “action-based, principle-centric” Autonomous Moral Agent, and its alternatives: projects in Machine Ethics (symposium organizer, panelist, and co-presenter with Don Howard, U. of Notre Dame)”, IACAP-CEPE 2015, U. of Delaware.
  • April 2015:“’Soft computing’ and Virtue Ethics: the philosophical challenges of building an Autonomous Moral Agent”, Virginia Tech Philosophy Colloquium Series, Blacksburg, VA.
  • May 2014:“Optimality, minimization, evolution in scientific discovery. A tale of three centuries”, (CELFIS). , University of Bucharest. Slides/handouts
  • January 2014:“Three Interpretations and One Argument About Dualities”, (Ball State University). Colloquium Series, Dept. of Physics.
  • January 2014:“Plurality of models and decision making in the climate science: the good and the bad”, (UT Dallas). Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology, School of Arts and Humanities.
  • May 2011:“From Physics to Metaphysics (and back?): The Case of String Theory”, (CELFIS). , University of Bucharest.
  • March 2011:“Informational Session: String Theory for Philosophers”, (APA-2011, Central). The American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Minneapolis.

The 2000s