Welcome to my homepage. Being something of a techno-dinosaur (and exceedingly ancient), I have sought the help of a good friend and colleague, Dr Christina Steel, who has graciously agreed to create these pages and update them as I send her new material.

In a previous incarnation of this page, I had included a lot of photographs of patterns in nature that I have taken over the years. They proved to be a little complicated to maintain, but some of them (about 50 so far) have been published Рwith descriptions and some basic science associated with them Рon the website Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD), a service of Universities Space Research Association sponsored by NASA Goddard. You can also view more of my photography on my Flickr pages.

There may well be errors of omission or commission on this page, which ought to be placed at my feet, not Christina’s. Nevertheless, I hope you find it useful.

Nature’s Mathematics: Episode 1
Nature’s Mathematics: Episode 2