Learning, How’s That Work?

It is generally accepted that each person prefers or uses different ways of interacting with the world and processing new information. Learning styles are a way for us to group and understand some of the ways people learn. You might have a dominate style, or maybe you use different styles in different circumstances. Most people do not use one style exclusive, but rather employ a mix of learning styles.

Whatever your blend or approach, understanding learning styles and how that apply to your students can help you grow as a student. You can work to grow your ability in less dominant styles, or fine tune skills you already have. Using techniques better suited to you and/or your specific assignment can improve quality of your academic experience.

  • Take this survey to find your most common of learning style(s).
  • Watch this helpful video for more information:

  • Basic Learning Styles At a Glance:




Needs to see it to know it

Strong sense of color

May have artistic ability

Difficulty with spoken directions

Trouble following lectures

Use graphics to reinforce learning; films, slides, illustrations, diagrams, doodles

Color coding to organize notes and materials

Written directions

Use flow charts and diagrams when taking notes

Visualizing spelling of words or facts to be memorized


Prefers to get information by listening

Difficulty following written directions

Difficulty with reading

Problems with writing

Use tapes for reading and for class and lecture notes

Learning by participating in discussions

Read questions or directions aloud


Prefers hand-on learning

Can assemble parts without reading directions

Difficulty sitting still

Learns better when physical activity is involved

May be very well-coordinated and have athletic ability

Experiential learning (making models, doing lab work and role playing)

Re-writing letters and words to learn spelling and remember facts

Use of computer to reinforce learning

Memorizing or drilling while walking


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