Photographs tell their own story. The Time Left Between Us presents supplemental photographs to offer the full scope of characters and events which inspired the book.

Anthony, Nick, Carl 1935.
Rose & Del after his return home, 1945.
Yolanda and Carmine. Year unknown.
Red (top left) Italo (top right), Del (bottom left) and Gus (bottom right) 1944.
Rose & Del marry, St. Thomas Aquinas, Philadelphia, 1946.
Standard service photo. 1943.
Joe and Karen with Tony (left bottom), Alicia, and James. 1985.
Grandpop always drove Jeeps. 1995.
Diana and Rudy at happy hour. 2000.
Alicia’s first grade dance recital. 1986.
Tony, Big Ant, Alicia, & James. 1989.
Chris, Jason, Alicia, and Tony in hospital. 2018. Photo courtesy of Pete.
Del & Linda, James’s Deployment Party. 2006.
Alicia & Del his 90th birthday. 2015.
Uncle Mark, Del, Karen, and Uncle Kent. 2005.
Del with (most of his grandchildren). Christmas, 2014.