Dr. Deri Draper is a Systems Thinker with direct experience in organizational change initiatives across corporate and higher education sectors.  Her expertise is in building learning organizations from the ground up.  As an expert in Instructional Systems and Design Thinking, her talent is in strategic planning, analysis of performance gaps,  instructional design, and workplace knowledge creation.  Dr. Draper’s pragmatic experience as an Instructional Systems Designer has provided a depth of experience in all aspects of instructional design and strategies for e-learning and classroom environments.

Specialties: Organizational Development and Learning, Organizational Change, Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Online Education, Faculty Development, Informal learning, Communities of Practice, Knowledge Management and Creation, Experiential Learning, and the Analysis of e-learning capability in higher education and corporate contexts.

Currently, Dr. Deri Draper is thriving as a Provost Fellow and the Director of Integrated Learning at Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, VA.   She is experienced in the design and delivery of e-learning in higher education and corporate contexts. Her specializations focus on e-learning, specifically, the integration of high impact practices and other instructional technologies in online environments.

Dr. Draper transitioned to higher education to be able to mentor students, provide real world experiences in her practice as an educator, and to further her passion in knowledge creation and sharing in groups and organizations. Her work focuses on the interplay of individual and organizational knowledge in the creation, sharing of best practices.  She has been a leader in performance improvement for 20 years working in the automotive and pharmaceutical corporate manufacturing arenas.Although work was satisfying, she wanted the ability to mentor students, and freedom to work and research in areas that advance the field of Instructional Technology.  One of the main reasons why she decided to pursue a career in academia was to have the opportunity to work with future generations of instructional designers and educators in an instructional capacity. She views teaching as a major area in her practice as an educator. She strives to develop authentic activities that allow her to identify and apply instructional technologies and strategies to ensure that students learn about their disciplines that will enhance instruction and learner outcomes. She researches on a daily basis. It is her hope that her teaching will “fuel the fire” in some way and to inspire her students and faculty.  One of her graduate students commented, “Deri is a very high energy professional and incredibly intelligent accomplished educator who never stops reaching for the stars and bringing along the rest of us with her ideas, charisma, and sincerity.”

Dr. Deri Draper is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University earning her Ph.D. and MEd degree in Instructional Systems, and Temple University with a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Art.