John Park Bio

I am an associate professor in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department at Old Dominion University, focusing three research areas: Adaptive Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Multimodal Digital Twin, and Online Deep Learning. As a PI/Co-PI, I have received 32 external grants and fellowships from NSF, NASA, USDA, DOE, NCDOT, VDOT, and USDOT resulting in the publication of more than 140 peer-reviewed articles and the creation of 4 patented/pending technologies successfully applied to intelligent energy-aware infrastructure, Mars autonomous exploration, and Hurricane digital twin.

Data-driven Adaptive AI for Multiagent Autonomy

Mixed Entropy Adaptive Autonomy
UAS-based Hurricane Sensing Presentation

Vulnerable Multimodal Users Mobility

EV Dynamic Wireless Mobile Charging

Distributed Heterogeneous Autonomous Task Allocation