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“..a Beer, some Sausage and a Nap!!

at the Thomaskirche, the genius J.S.Bach was responsible for a glorious Lutheran Church Cantata EVERY Sunday of the Liturgical Year.  After a 3+ hours Sunday Morning Lutheran liturgy, Bach came home to”… a beer, sausage and a snooze” before beginning… Continue Reading →

‘The Royal Snip – Snip

tomorrow in my Honors Class begins the discussion of castration!!  the students will forget ALL my lectures but NEVER this one!!  NETFLIX “Farinelli.”  Be prepared for some incredible “faux castrati

“please don’t be so Hypo—Dorian!!

September 08 begins in-class prep of four Authentic modes for testing #1;  we will give it a sight-screaming experience!!  Look out, Guido!! (of the Guidonian hand, of course!!

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