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Father kosnik and the Propers

We begin the Fall 2017 semester with “Father Kosnik” singing to you “Properly”!!  first week of semester begins a day of chanting and presenting the distinctions between the Ordinary of the liturgy and the chanting of the Propers of the Mass.  should… Continue Reading →

Cyclic Mass

in 361 we examine the Paraphrase Cyclic Mass; we have outlined the Tenor CF Mass; in “Pange Lingua” by Josquin, we see and hear the impact of the Phrygian mode

Buy/or Rent the Textbook!

with Quarterly Exams later this week in Honors Music & also in Survey of Music History, prepare a thorough background in definitions, chronology and your numerous listening examples.  All the best, students!!

“Hang on to your Formes Fixes!! don’t lose your ballata (virelai)!! or the other fixes!! what a rondeau

memorization of the Ars Nova never stops

“Oh, No: Boy Loses Girl, how will this Develop(ment)??

the ternary structure of Sonata Allegro Form = Exposition (Boy Meets Girl), Development (Boy Loses Girl) & Recapitulation (Boy Finds Girl Again!!

9/20: please watchout how you use your “canon”: your mensuration symbols might interfere with a successful prolation!!

“Please don’t drown in your Water Music; use your Spring ritornello!!

a discussion of rhythmic meter patterns in several instrumental examples

“Nothing can SUBSTITUTE for a Good Clausula!! the search for the Motetus in the Troping of the Vox Organilis

“Please Handel with Care: My Castrati got lost in the Tavern!!

we explore Handel’s financial strain as he pivots from Seria to Oratorio

“please don’t Drone on!!

the world of early polyphony; the vox principalis; the vox organalis; such a “sustaining experience!!

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