I am an Assistant Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Old Dominion University. I received my Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Michigan State University in May 2020, and previously attended the University of Chicago for a Master’s degree in the Social Sciences, and hold Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and History.

I study the dynamics of individual and team learning and development, the intersection of IO psychology with social systems, and the methods we use to study such topics. In particular, I apply computational models to study a variety of organizational and social phenomena. Current projects on these topics include data from the United States Special Operations Forces, and teams in space flight analogues such as at the Johnson Space Center, and deployed to the ice shelf in Antarctica. As well as the role of organizations in socioeconomic inequality. My work has been published in peer reviewed outlets such as Organizational Psychology Review, Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Human Resource Management Review, and The European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, among others, as well as been presented at international conferences such as Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Academy of Management.

I also consult with organizations on their workforce development needs. I have experience working with companies ranging from small local businesses to the Fortune 50. Projects have included employee selection validation, training program creation, and position papers on questions of interest to the organization, among others.