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Kristian Petersen

Kristian Petersen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Old Dominion University. His research focuses on “Muslim Cinema,” and Islam in China. He is author and editor of 5 books, and numerous articles and essays. He also serves as podcast host for the American Academy of Religion‘s Religious Studies News, and the New Books Network. He is a founding advisory board member of the Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion series published with De Gruyter, and currently serves as editor for the “Religion, Culture, and History” series, published with Oxford University Press in association with the American Academy of Religion. 


Edited Hussein Rashid & Kristian Petersen

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Muslims and Popular Culture

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Muslims and Popular Culture illustrates how Muslims participate in a broad spectrum of activities. Moving beyond a framework that emphasizes ritual, legal, historical, or theological issues, this book speaks to how Muslims live in the world, in relation to their religion and the realities of the world around them.

Edited by Kristian Petersen

Muslims in the Movies

A Global Anthology

Muslims in the Movies brings together a group of internationally recognized experts to introduce Muslims in the films of Europe, North America, Australia, Iran, Egypt, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The interdisciplinary collection explores issues of identity, cultural production, and representation through the depiction of Muslims on screen and how audiences respond to these images.

Edited by Kristian Petersen

New Approaches to Islam in Film

This collection of essays significantly expands the boundaries of discussion around Muslims in film. It includes the exploration of regional cinemas, detailed analysis of auteurs and individual films, comparison across global cinema, and new explorations that have not yet entered the conversation. It reframes the presiding scholarly conventions in five novel trajectories: considering new sources, exploring new communities, probing new perspectives, charting new theoretical directions, and offering new ways of understanding conflict in cinema.

Edited by Christopher D. Cantwell & Kristian Petersen

Digital Humanities & Research Methods in Religious Studies

An Introduction

This volume provides practical, but provocative, case studies of exemplary projects that apply digital technology or methods to the study of religion. An introduction and 16 essays are organized by the kinds of sources digital humanities scholars use – texts, images, and places – with a final section on the professional and pedagogical issues digital scholarship raises for the study of religion.

Kristian Petersen

Interpreting Islam in China

Pilgrimage, Scripture, and Language in the Han Kitab

Interpreting Islam in China explores the Sino-Islamic intellectual tradition through the works of some its brightest luminaries, Wang Daiyu, Liu Zhi, and Ma Dexin. Petersen demonstrates that the integration of Sino-Muslims within a growing global environment, where international travel and communication was increasingly possible, was accompanied by the rising self-awareness of a universally engaged Muslim community.


Muslim Cinema Chronicles

An interactive web platform documenting the history of Muslim narratives in international film and a digital educational resource, with podcasts, video essays, and curated film programming.

Muslim Horror

Edited volume that explores global horror cultures that center Muslim experience, are produced by Muslim creatives, or are intended for Muslim audiences.

Muslims in Modern China:

A Sourcebook

Edited collection of primary sources translated from multiple languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Uyghur, and others. Under contract with Columbia University Press.

Women & Nonbinary Scholars of Islamic Studies

A crowdsourced database of scholars who work on Muslims and Islam.


Conversations with authors about their books for the New Books Network and the American Academy of Religions Religious Studies News.

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