I am a historian of South Asia and the Islamic world. My research interests include: households, dynastic political culture, and state formation in late-Mughal and early colonial India; masculinity and cultures of governance in early modern empires; and ethnicity and military slavery in the medieval Islamic world.

Works in progress:

Sarkars into States: Language, Family, and Politics in Early Colonial India

Select Publications:

“Bringing the Sarkār Back In: Translating Patrimonialism and the State in Early Modern and Early Colonial India,” in John Brooke, Julia Strauss, and Greg Anderson, eds. State Formations: Global Histories and Cultures of Statehood. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018: 124-37.

“In this one the alif is missing: Eunuchs and the politics of masculinity in early colonial North India,” Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient [Forthcoming, Jan. 2020]