Paul Miller
Paul joined the Bender group in the Fall of 2023 after completing their doctoral research at NC State University under David A. Shultz. There he worked on the design and characterization of conjugated, organic biradical systems to better understand the electronic structure of biradicaloids. His hobbies include: reading, board games, and writing.
Austin graduated from Baylor University magna cum laude as an Honors Baylor Business Fellow and finance double major. During his time at Baylor, he worked in the laboratory of Dr. John Wood on multiple synthetic organic research projects. After doing internships at MD Anderson Cancer Center and at Bristol Myers Squibb, in drug discovery and process chemistry respectively, he moved to ODU to pursue a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry with Dr. Bender. Currently, he works on the synthesis of expanded scorpionate ligands and their application to catalysis, as well as non-conventional Lewis acid activations of organometallics to achieve tailored reactivity.
Ramsey Ritter
Ramsey joined the Bender group in the Fall of 2021 after completing his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at Old Dominion University, where he served as the Community Outreach Officer of the Student Veteran Association. Prior to his undergraduate studies, Ramsey served in the United States Army as a Healthcare Specialist from 2012-2016. His hobbies include: painting, playing bass guitar, and brewing beer.