Prof. Tian-Bing Xu, Ph.D.

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,

Old Dominion University (ODU), 238J Kaufman Hall, Norfolk, VA 23529

Tel: (757) 683-3930; Fax: (757) 683-5344; Email:

Professional Preparation

05/2002                                  Ph.D. in Materials, Pennsylvania State University

08/1999                                 M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University


07/2018-present                   Associate Professor

                                                Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

                                                Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

05/2019-8/2019                   ONR Summer Faculty Senior Fellowship

                                                ONR Global, Navy NIWC Atlantic, Charleston, SC 

01/2002-Present                  Associate Research Fellow (07/2018-present, part-time)

Associate Research Fellow (11/2014-7/2018)

Senior Research Scientist (11/2007-11/2014)

Research Scientist (01/2003-11/2007)

Staff Scientist (01/2002-12/2002)

National Institute of Aerospace (NIA)/ICASE

NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

(c) Highlights

  • List of top 2% worldwide most influence scientists
  • Contributed 10% of NASA Langley inventions in the first 2000 decade
  • Author and co-authors for over 130 technical papers with 23 h-index
  • Delivered 34 Keynote Speeches/invited talks
  • Wrote 31 successful proposals enabling to secure total of over $9.6M grants
  • Holds 9 U.S. Patents and 16 pending Patents and invention disclosures.
  • 9 advanced material/device characterization methods
  • Received 44 awards and recognitions from NASA Headquarters and others in last ten years, including the winners for 2015 and 2011 the Best Technology Development of Energy Harvesting Award, as well as the finalists of 2016 R&D 100 award special recognition in green technology

Research Interests

  • Renewable energies
  • Energy conversional materials and structures, such as piezoelectric, pyroelectric, thermoelectronic, electrostrictive, piezoresistive, dielectric, and nano-functional materials
  • Devices for energy harvesting, energy storage, actuation, sensing, robotics, and medical applications
  • Integration of functional materials and structures for energy and dynamic systems, robotics, and controls to contribute to NASA and Military missions as well as industry applications
  • Special materials and device characterization methods

Selected Publications

  1. Tian-Bing Xu, Emilie J. Siochi, Jin Ho Kang, Lei Zuo, Wanlu Zhou, and Xiaoning Jiang “Energy Harvesting using a PZT Ceramic Multilayer Stack,” Smart Materials and Structures 22, 065015, 2013.
  2. Tian-Bing Xu, Laura Tolliver, and Ji Su, “A Single Crystal Lead Magnesium Niobate-Lead Titanate Multilayer-stacked Cryogenic Flextensional Actuator,” Applied Physics Letters, 102, 042906 (2013).
  3. Laura Tolliver, Tian-Bing Xu, Xiaoning Jiang, “Finite element analysis of the piezoelectric stacked-HYBATS transducer,Smart Materials and Structures, 22, 035015 (2013).
  4. Tian-Bing Xu, Xiaoning Jiang, and Ji Su, “A Piezoelectric Ceramic Multilayer-Stacked Hybrid Actuation/Transduction System” Applied Physics Letters 98 (24), 243503, 2011.
  5. Tian-Bing Xu, Nelson Guerreiro, James Hubbard, and Joycelyn Harrison, “One-Dimensional Contact Mode Interdigitated Center of Pressure Sensor,” Applied Physics Letters 94, 233503, 2009. 
  6. Tian-Bing Xu, and Ji Su, “Development, Characterization, and Theoretical Evaluation of Electroactive Polymer-based Micropump Diaphragm,” Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 121, pp. 267-274, 2005. 
  7. Tian-Bing Xu, and Ji Su, “Design, Modeling, Fabrication, and Performance of Bridge-Type High-Performance Electroactive Polymer Micromachined Actuators,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, Vol. 14 (No. 3), pp. 539-547, 2005.
  8. Tian-Bing Xu, and Ji Su, “Theoretical Modeling on Electroactive Polymer-Ceramic Hybrid Actuation Systems,” Journal of Applied Physics   97(3), 034908, 2005.
  9. T.-B. Xu, et alHigh-performance micromachined unimorph actuators based on electrostrictive poly( vinylidede fluoride-trifluoroethylene) copolymer,” Applied Physics Letters 80 (6), pp. 1082-1084,  2002.
  10. T.-B. Xu, Z.-Y. Cheng, Q.M. Zhang, R.H. Baughman, C. Cui, A.A. Zakhidov, and J. Su, “Fabrication and characterization of three-dimensional periodic ferroelectric polymer-silica opal composites and inverse opal,” Journal of Applied Physics 88 (1), pp. 405-409, 2000.

Selected Patents

  1. Tian-Bing Xu, Jin Ho Kang, Emilie J. Siochi, and Glen King, “Pyroelectric Sandwich Thermal Energy Harvester,” U.S. patent 10,147,863 B2, December 2018.
  2. Tian-Bing Xu, Emilie J. Siochi, Lei Zuo, Xiaoning Jiang, and Jin Ho Kang, “Multistage Force Amplification of Piezoelectric Stacks” U.S.  Patent 9,048,759 B2, June 2015.
  3. Tian-Bing Xu, Xiaoning Jiang, and Ji Su, “Piezoelectric Multilayer-Stacked Hybrid Actuation/Transduction Systems,” U.S. patent 8,680,749, March 2014. 
  4. Tian-Bing Xu, Ji Su, and Xiaoning Jiang, “Advanced Modified High Performance Synthetic Jet Actuator with Optimized Curvature Shape Chamber,” U.S. Patent 8,662,412, March 2014.
  5. Tian-Bing Xu, Xiaoning Jiang, and Ji Su, “Advanced High Performance Horizontal Piezoelectric Hybrid Synthetic Jet Actuator,” U.S. patent 8,235,309 B2, August 2012.
  6. Tian-Bing Xu, Xiaoning Jiang, and Ji Su, “Advanced High Performance Vertical Hybrid Synthetic Jet Actuator,” U.S. patent 8,052,069, November 8, 2011.
  7. Tian-Bing Xu, Xiaoning Jiang, Ji Su, Paul W. Rehrig, and Wesley S. Hackenberger, “Hybrid Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Transducer System,” U.S. Patent 7,446,459 B2, November 2008. (Licensed by PolyK)
  8. Godfrey Sauti, Tian-Bing Xu, Emilie J. Siochi, Stephen Wilkinson, Mary Ann Meador, and Haiquan Guo, “Robust, Flexible, and Lightweight Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuators Using Nanofoams/Aerogels,” U.S. patent 9,137,883 B2, September 2015.
  9. Ji Su, and Tian-Bing Xu, “Hybrid Electromechanical Actuator and Actuation System,” U.S. Patent 7,394,181 B2, July 2008.
  10. Jian-Qiao Sun, Cheng Chen, Amir Sharafi, Tian-Bing Xu, and Atousa Yazdani, “High-Power-Density Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System,” World Intellectual Property Organization, WO2020028592, Publication Number WO/2020/028592, 2020.


Smart & Renewable Systems (Spring 2022) Vibration (Fall, 2019, 2020, 2021), Theory of Vibration (Spring, 2020, Fall 2021), Smart Materials and Intelligent Devices (Fall 2018, 2019, 2020), Advanced Solid Mechanics (Spring 2019)

Synergistic Activities

  1. AIAA Associate Fellow
  2. Committee Member, AIAA Materials Technical Committee
  3. Committee Member, AIAA Adaptive Structure Technical Committee
  4. Committee Member, The IEEE Piezoelectric Single Crystal Standards Committee