Liu, H. (PI) 01/01/2017-12/31/2017. Assessing potential risk areas of human zika infections in city of Los Angeles, California by using high-resolution remote sensing imagery. Funded by ODU Honors College/Office of Research Program for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship. Amount: $10,000.

Liu, H. Summer 2014. Short-term research visit grant.  Supported by the Office of Educational Affairs, Embassy of P.R. China in USA. Visited Guilin University of technology, Guilin, Guangxi, China in July 2014. Amount: $1,600.    

Liu, H. Summer 2014. International Travel Fund. Funded by ODU College of Arts and Letters. $400.

Liu, H. (Co-PI, PI: Gangfeng Ma) 1/1/14 – 12/31/14. Development of a multidisciplinary approach for assessing climate change and sea level rise impact on tidal wetlands in Lynnhaven Bay, VA. Funded by ODU Office of Research Multidisciplinary Seed Funding (MSF) grants. Amount allocated: $16,000.

Liu, H. (Participant, PI: Rafael Diaz) 7/1/12-6/30/13. Hampton Roads regional catastrophic planning team for the twenty-four jurisdictions of the greater Hampton Roads region in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina phase III work plan and costs. Funded by Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Amount allocated: $7,000.

Liu, H. (Co-I, PI: Tal Ezer) 4/2011-7/2013. Cook Inlet beluga whale research: Study of physical and biological factors that impact the beluga’s population. Funded by Kenai Peninsula Borough, Donald E. Gilman River Center. Amount allocated: $20,000.

Liu, H. (Co-I, PI: Qi Zhang) 6/2011-9/2012. Accessibility and availability of emergency food assistance and food insecurity among American children. Funded by US Department of Agriculture subcontracted to University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research. Amount allocated: $20,000. 

Liu, H. (PI #2) 5/2011-12/2011. The disparate impacts of SLR on Hampton Roads’ underserved populations residing in the Chesapeake Bay’s coastal zone: A multidisciplinary approach to understanding the impact of various remediation policy options to address contaminated environments. Funded by ODU Office of Research. Amount allocated: $8,500.

Liu, H. (Co-PI, PI: Joshua Behr) 3/1/2011-1/31/2012. Mapping neighborhood community vulnerability and medically fragile populations in Hampton Roads: Assisting localities to plan for and protect our citizens in the event of natural disasters. Funded by ODU Office of Research. Amount allocated: $1,950

Liu, H. (Co-PI, PI: Holly Gaff) 7/1/2010-6/30/2011. Impact of climate on the introduction of a zoonotic disease in the United States: A focus on Rift Valley Fever. Funded by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense Texas AgriLife Research. Amount allocated: $35,000.

Liu, H. (PI) 5/2010-8/2010. Examining the spatial-temporal effects of urban heat islands on West Nile Virus dissemination: A study of Orleans Parish, Louisiana and Mobile County, Alabama. Funded by OUD Office of Research Summer Research Fellowship Program (SRFP). Amount allocated: $7,000.

Liu, H. (PI). 8/2010-12/2010. Faculty Proposal Preparation Program. Funded by OUD Office of Research.

Liu, H. (PI) 1/2010. Inventory and mapping environmental management systems in Hampton Roads localities. Funded by ODU Office of Academic Affairs Faculty Development Funds. Amount allocated: $32,000.

Liu, H. (PI) 5/2009-8/2009. Integrating remote sensing data and inundation ocean models to map coastal areas and improve flood predictions. Funded by OUD Office of Research Summer Experience Enhancing Collaborative Research (SEECR) program. Amount allocated: $8,500.

Liu, H. (PI) 2005. Pilot Research Funding. Funded by Center for Urban and Environmental Change, Indiana State University. Amount allocated: $1,700.

Liu, H. (PI) 2005-2007. Student Research Fund. Funded by School of Graduate Studies, Indiana State University. Amount allocated: $1,330.