The Lab

The coastal hydrogeology lab is currently equipped with 8 RaDeCC counters for the measurements of dissolved and sediment-bound 223Ra, 224Ra, 227Ac and 228Th.

We use a SAGe well detector (Mirion) for gamma spectrometry.

We have two RAD7 radon (222Rn) detectors, a RAD8 detector, RAD-AQUA, RAD-H2O and big bottle accessories.

The lab has a handheld multiparameter sonde (In-Situ), several Solinst leveloggers (LTC), barologgers and water level meters for traditional hydrogeologic investigations, marine batteries, peristaltic pumps, drive-point and push-point piezometers, etc.

Radium Delayed Coincidence Counters (RaDeCC)