Dr. Kenneth Mopper

  • Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Joint Professor of Oceanography


Ph.D. in Oceanography, WHOI-MIT, 1973
M.S. in Marine Chemistry, MIT, 1971
B.S. in Chemistry, Queens College, CUNY, 1968

Office phone: 757-683-4094
E-mail: kmopper@odu.edu

Mopper 5

Dr. Mopper’s current research areas include the impact of CO2 and CO photo-chemical production on oceanic and global carbon cycling, the impact of photochemical degradation of DOM and microbial uptake of degradation products on oceanic and global carbon cycling, measurement of transient and stable species and studies of reaction mechanisms, which involves the characterization of humic substances in natural waters, mechanisms for the formation of OH radicals, H2O2, carbonyl compounds, organic acids and photo-redox reactions of trace metals, the production of surface active polysaccharides by algae and bacteria and their role in surface microlayer and particle formation in natural waters, and the development/adaptation of analytical techniques for trace organics and photochemically formed species in natural waters.