I am available for consultations and speaking requests on topics related to my research programs.  For example, industries, government, and non-profit organizations interested in how to design behavior-change programs for safety enhancement and how to evaluate those programs may benefit from my assistance.  In addition, my research and teaching in historical topics related to psychology and behavioral science overall has relevance to historical societies, schools, museums, and libraries.  Queries can be sent to me via email ( or phone (757-683-3259).


My work regularly contributes to government, non-profit, and community programs designed to reduce roadway crashes and occupant/pedestrian injuries and fatalities.  I interact with many groups at stakeholder meetings, practitioner and government workshops, and informally during regional visits with partners assisting the programs I evaluate for Virginia.

In all, I have given nearly 80 invited presentations for such group meetings.


My research lends itself to media support, and I have worked with many reporters on stories for each of the main traffic safety behaviors I have studied.  In many case, my students have had the opportunity to be part of those media stories, obtaining experience translating our work to meaningful soundbites or quotes needed to convey important point to the reporters’ themes.

I have been personally quoted or interviewed for more than 110 print, television, or other media pieces.  If I can assist the media, I do.  If I cannot, or if I am not the proper subject matter expert, I assist them with finding an expert.