My courses have ranged from introductory subjects for undergraduates to advanced  techniques and material for graduate students.  Please return to this page as I provide updates.  While I am not teaching as regularly while serving as an Associate Dean, I am in the classroom from time to time.  In the space below I will announce which courses are available.  Join me if you are a student at Old Dominion University!



Psyc 403: History of Psychology.  3 credits. (ONLINE)

From the catalog:

“A survey of the historical development of modern psychology. The major systems and their influences on contemporary American psychology are studied. Prerequisites: Completion of PSYC 201S with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.”  NOTE:  Non-majors or those who have not completed Psyc 201S (Introduction to Psychology) may be able to enroll pending a discussion with me about educational background and other course experience.

From the syllabus, course objectives:

  1. To study a breadth of psychology’s history, from the work of the ancients to those of today.
  2. To discuss significant developments in psychological science, and how history helped shape them.
  3. To appreciate the interaction between Zeitgeist and individuals in the formation of psychological history.
  4. To understand your own scientific roots and ancestors of your psychological positions.