IT-150G Group Project Home Page

During this time frame we also introduce the Group Project, details of which can be found in the information document GA0 – Group Project Introduction.

The Group Project has four key deliverables…

  1. Thesis, Keywords and Sources
  2. Group Wiki Page
  3. Group Annotated Bibliography
  4. Group Presentation – Presentation Tips Lecture

Thesis Writing Tips

The first deliverable for the Group Project is a the “Thesis and Keywords” homework.  While many of you have already studied thesis building, as a refresher, I’ve prepared a brief Thesis Writing lecture based on material found at the ODU Writing Center which covers the basis for, and expectations of, a good thesis.

Brief Blackboard Wiki Videos

Below are links to two brief videos covering the basics of creating a Wiki using the Blackboard Wiki System.  You will find this wiki behaves very similar to other wikis you may have worked with in the past.



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