Mod 7 – Introducing the Social Age

This module first covers a bit of history using the Industrial revolution as a backdrop.  We then transition into the information age, the social age and then onto what I believe may be the most significant technological shift in history – the Mobile Age.  In this lecture you’ll gain insight into for how far the world has come since the 1900’s, as well as a good understanding of the increased pace of change in our society.

The supporting lecture for this class is Module 7 – The Social Age.

Group Project

During this time frame we also introduce the Group Project, details of which can be found in the information document GA0 – Group Project Introduction.

The first deliverable for the Group Project is a the “Thesis and Keywords” homework.  While many of you have already studied thesis building, as a refresher, I’ve prepared a brief Thesis Writing lecture based on material found at the ODU Writing Center which covers the basis for, and expectations of, a good thesis.

Additional information can be found on the Group Project Home Page.


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