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English Composition
The principal objective of the course is to prepare students to be effective writers of the kinds of compositions they will be called on to produce during their college careers. By the end of the course, students should be more mature in their understanding and use of language, should develop efficient writing processes, and should know and demonstrate the qualities of effective composition in a given rhetorical situation.


Digital Writing
Most of us engage in digital writing on a daily basis. If you’ve sent an email, commented on a Facebook post, or sent a text message, then you have engaged in digital writing in the way we are defining it in this course: as any form of textual or visual communication mediated through a digital technology. This semester you will be challenged to think deeper about the nature of the communication technologies we use often, as well as those we use less often, and how our use of these technologies to write, communicate, and connect in various ways shapes our social, cultural, and political worlds. You will also be challenged in your proficiencies in productively using said technologies.


Introduction to Rhetoric Studies
ENGL 325
This course provides students with a theoretical-historical review of writing about rhetoric in the Western tradition from ancient Greece through the Early Middle Ages, drawing explicit connections between these writings and our contemporary sociopolitical moment. The assignments in the course are designed to move students toward gaining a mastery and appreciation for the thought of ancient and classical thinkers and becoming more proficient at making and evaluating written and oral argumentation.

Special Topics Courses

Rhetorics of Black Mirror

ENGL 334W Technical Writing

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