I am committed to supporting graduate students and graduate education.  I do so by advising and mentoring graduate students (particularly those in t and providing professional development events.


School of Public Service Graduate Students

If you are an MPA student, I would be happy to advise you on the curriculum, course selection, internships, and careers.  Please email to schedule an appointment.  If you are a distance student, I can advise via e-mail or through WebEx.
If you are a PAUP doctoral student, I am available to serve on advising committees and dissertation committees.  I can also chair dissertation committees.   Given my expertise and interests, I would be of greatest service to thosefocusing on public policy topics, and the specific policy domains of fiscal policy, transportation policy, and fiscal policy. Please email to schedule an appointment.

ODU Graduate Students

I currently chair ODU’s Career Pathways Steering Committee.  The Career Pathways program is focused on preparing graduate students for successful transition into thriving careers, by serving as a gateway to resources, programs, events and planning tools for all ODU graduate students and postdocs.  Career Pathways includes a Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program and a Preparing Future Professionals (PFP) program.

PFF – The mission of the ODU PFF program is to expose graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to the diverse roles, responsibilities, and rewards of an academic career. In doing so it focuses particularly on the teaching and service roles sometimes not included in doctoral training. Fundamental research skills, such as grant writing, publishing, and academic job searching, are also addressed.  For more information about the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program at ODU, go to the official website and/or the WordPress site.

I strongly encourage doctoral students interested in pursuing an academic career develop an ePortfolio that showcases and archives their professional development and growth.  The PFF program has developed an ePortfolio template.

PFP – The PFP program is designed for graduate students and postdocs interested in a non-academic career such as in industry, non-profit/non-governmental organizations, or government agencies.  For more information about the PFP program and PFP Certificate, go to the WordPress site.