I teach in the MPA and PhD in Public Administration and Policy programs at Old Dominion University.

Core courses in the MPA program:

PADM 671: Public Budgeting and Financial Management (sample syllabus)

PADM 701: Policy Analysis (PADM 701 Syllabus)

PADM 723: Public Sector Ethics (PADM 723 Syllabus)


Elective courses in the MPA program:

PADM 704: Program Evaluation

PADM 725: Government, Society and Business (PADM 725 Syllabus)

PADM 721: Transportation Policy and Planning (PADM 721 Syllabus )

PADM 750: Performance Measurement and Management (PADM 750 Syllabus)

PADM 695: Social Entrepreneurship (PADM 695 Syllabus)


Doctoral courses in the MPA program:

PAUP 801: Theories of Public Policy (PAUP 801 Syllabus)

PAUP 803: Multivariate Quantitative Analysis (PAUP 803 Syllabus)

PAUP 804: Program Evaluation

PAUP 823: Public Sector Ethics (PAUP 823 Syllabus)

PAUP 825: Government, Society and Business

PAUP 821: Transportation Policy and Planning (PAUP 821 Syllabus)

PAUP 850: Performance Measurement and Management


I also teach, as part of ODU’s Preparing Future Faculty program, a 1-credit hour professional development course for doctoral students.

GRAD 700: Professional Development (sample syllabus)