My ORCID research profile:

You can also find most of my publications in ODU’s Digital Commons.

I am a policy scholar who focuses on policy issues that emerge at the intersection of governments, non-profit/non-governmental organizations, businesses, and civil society.  These not only include issues that are multi-sectoral and intergovernmental, but also issues that address the interactions between citizens and governments, such as transparency, accountability, and citizen participation.

My current research in the area of public finance focuses on transportation and infrastructure finance and capital planning.  My work on the motor fuel tax, state infrastructure banks, and tolling are examples of my research in a policy area that is increasingly becoming multi-sectoral and inter-governmental.

More recently, my research has focused on government transparency and accountability to citizens, and citizen participation in government.  Much of this work is related to transparency of government financial reporting and public participation in transportation finance, transportation planning, and environmental policy issues.

I am also interested in behavioral public policy and behavioral public finance. In transportation finance, my research focuses on how drivers respond to tolls. More specifically, I study willingness to pay tolls and toll avoidance behaviors.

I am also interested in the topic of climate change and sea level rise (SLR).  I am interested in studying issues at the intersection of politics, policy, the public, and private interests as it relates to SLR, flooding, adaptation, and resilience.  My current focus is on stakeholder engagement and adaptation readiness, with a focus on a whole-of-community, multi-sectoral approach to adaptation and resilience.