I am actively involved in the ODU Resilience Collaborative (ODU-RC) which is a consortium of leading scholars actively engaged in research education, and outreach on critical issues for resilience at the community, regional, national, and global levels.  ODU-RC members are involved in creating and disseminating knowledge, developing and conducting innovative projects, and supporting decision making on resilience issues.  Key areas of focus include climate change and sea level rise, adaptation, cybersecurity and cyber-resilience, health, and community resilience.

Within the ODU-RC, most of my work is on flooding and sea level rise, adaptation strategies, and stakeholder engagement. Sample projects include:

  • Virginia legislators’s perceptions of sea level rise and recurrent flooding
    • Article on the role of politics and proximity in determining salience of sea level rise as a policy issue
    • Article applying the multiple streams framework to understand sea level rise policies
  • Assessment of regional adaptation readiness in Hampton Roads
    • Article describing regional adaptation capacity, adaptation readiness, and barriers to adaptation
  • Development of the Action-oriented Stakeholder Engagement for a Resilient Tomorrow (ASERT) framework for engaging residents in adaptation
    • Poster on the demonstration project implementing the ASERT framework
  • Stakeholder engagement approaches for adaptation
    • Case study of the Hampton Roads Resilient Region Reality Check
  • Assessment of the resilience of the tourism industry in Virginia Beach