Research Training

Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Miami, USA

Mentor: Professor Keith Brew


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (1999-2004) Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences and Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, U.K.

Mentor: Professor Christina Redfield


Senior Research Fellow  (2004-2006) Department of Biochemistry, University College London, U.K.

Mentor: Professor Christine Orengo


Research Interests

My research involves both the development and application of computational and experimental methods to study four interrelated scientific areas:

  •         Protein folding and misfolding
  •         Protein structures and complexes
  •         Protein evolution
  •         Genetic adaption under changing environmental  condition


We combine both computational and experimental approaches in one united effort.



Dr. Terri Grant, Department of Mathematics, Old Dominion University.

Dr.  Jing He, Department of Computer Science, Old Dominion University.

Dr. Alice Hudder, Department of Environmental Science, Wayne State University.

Dr. Margie Mulholland, Department of Oceanography, Old Dominion University.

Dr. Christine Orengo, Department of Biochemistry, University College London.

Dr.  Jennifer Poutsma, Department of Chemistry, Old Dominion University.

Dr. Christina Redfield, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford.


Sculpture by my former Biochemistry student, Emily Knollenberg.
This is ribosomal S6, a member of the alpha/beta-plait superfamily
It has a Greek-key topology.