Office Space:

The PI has a 100 sq. ft office (room 202) and one student office (160 sq. ft., room 200) located in the Alfriend Chemistry and Biochemistry building.  All personnel have PC computers.


Greene has three shared laboratories (rooms 205, 206, 209) in the Alfriend Chemistry and Biochemistry Building. One shared wet lab with one fixed chemical hood and a biosafety hood (1020 sq. ft.) and one shared cell culture lab for prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell lines containing one biosafety hood (340 sq. ft.) with the Pascal group. One shared departmental instrument lab (370 sq. ft.).

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Protein Chemistry Equipment:

Eppendorf Mastercycler personal  PCR machine, Fischer and Biorad Protein and DNA gel electrophoresis equipment, BioCad Sprint protein purification system with automated fraction collector; Tuttnauer Brinkmann 3870 E autoclave; one 4oC refrigerator, two 4oC Revco Refrigeration closets; one -20oC freezer; Olympus M021 Inverted Microscope; Hettich Mikro 100 microcentrifuge; Hettich Rotanta 460 refrigerated centrifuge; Innova 4000 incubator shaker; Thomas scientific incubator oven; New Brunswick Scientific enviornmental shaker; Vibra cell ultrasonic processor; Radical polarizing light microscope; Forma scientific CO2 incubator; Vivascience concentrator.

General Laboratory Equipment:

pH meters; balances; heat blocks; LabConco freeze dryer; magnetic stirrers, water baths; Millipore synergy water purification system; liquid N storage dewar; mini vortexes.

Major Instrumentation: 

One Sun Workstation; BioLogic Stopped-flow fluorescence and circular dichroism system; Jasco circular dichroism system; Biologic Quenched-flow module; BioLogic Mixed-freeze apparatus. Shared equipment includes: university Dell 1.5 Teraflop computer cluster; Varian Cary 5000 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer System; Cary 50 UV/Vis  Spectrophotometer System; and Cary Eclipse BioMelt Package, with fluorescence spectrometer and Cary Eclipse BioSoftware with thermal application.


There is one -80 freezer shared with the Pascal group. Additional equipment that will be used on this project are:  12 Telsa Apex Qe FTICR-MS and two Bruker 400MHz NMR spectrometers in our College of Sciences Major Instrumentation Cluster.