Active Projects

6. Quantifying Integrated Engineering and Ecological Benefits of Nature-Based Shoreline Stabilization Features to Inform Coastal Resilience in Rural Virginia (January 1, 2023-December 31, 2025)

PI: Navid Tahvildari, Co-PIs: Taylor Sloey, Erik Yando, Tom Allen (ODU).

Funded by: Virginia Sea Grant

5. Transportation Systems and Flood Resilience under Dynamic Sea Level Rise: Integrated Modeling to Assess Natural and Nature-Based Solutions for Roadway Flooding in Hampton Roads, Virginia (September 1, 2022-August 31, 2025)

PI: Navid Tahvildari, Co-PIs: Maryam Shakiba (Virginia Tech), Kun Xie (ODU), Mecit Cetin (ODU), Gangfeng Ma (ODU), Tom Allen (ODU), George McLeod (ODU), Robert McNab (ODU)

Funded by: NOAA- Effects of Sea Level Rise Program

4. Understanding the Discrepancies between Acoustic and Radar Measurements of Water Level Using Computational Modeling and Observations (September 15, 2022-September 15, 2023)

PI: Navid Tahvildari, Co-PI: Gangfeng Ma (ODU)

Funded by: NOAA- National Ocean Service

3. Pixels for Public Health: Analytic Collaborative Framework to Enhance Coastal Resiliency of Vulnerable Populations in Hampton Roads, Virginia (May 1, 2022-April 31, 2025)

PI: Thomas Allen (ODU), Co-PIs: Navid Tahvildari (ODU), Alex Neilsen (ODU), Heather Richter (ODU), Sonke Dangendorf (Tulane), Geroge Mcleod (ODU).

Funded by: NASA

2. SCC-IRG Track 2: Scalable Modeling and Adaptive Real-time Trust-based communication (SMARTc) system for roadway inundations in flood-prone communities (July 1, 2020, June 30, 2023)

PI: Khan Iftekharuddin (ODU), Co-PIs: Mecit Cetin (ODU), Jonathan Goodall (UVA), Jing Chen (ODU), Navid Tahvildari (ODU)

Funded by: National Science Foundation (S&CC Program)

1. Evolution of Coastal Sediment Transport: Impact of Relative Sea Level Rise (September 1, 2020, August 31, 2023)

PI: Navid Tahvildari

Funded by: Virginia Sea Grant (NOAA) -Through Graduate Research Fellowship

Completed Projects

15. Real-time Sensing of Flooding within Urban Environments (July 1, 2021- June 30, 2022)

PI: Jonathan L. Goodall (UVA), Co-PI: Navid Tahvildari

Funded by: 4-VA 

14. Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Scour Study- Phase 1: Field Measurements (October 1, 2021- January 30, 2022)

Sole PI: Navid Tahvildari

Funded by: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

13. Site Selection and Design of Marsh Terraces in Back Bay, Virginia Beach (July 2020-December 2020)

PI: Navid Tahvildari, Co-PI: Gary Schafran

Funded by: City of Virginia Beach (Project Lead: Dewberry) 

12. An Integrated Computational Framework for Hydrodynamic and Biological Processes in Seagrasses, (September 30, 2019, December 30, 2020)

PI: Navid Tahvildari

Funded by: Jeffress Trust Awards Program in Interdisciplinary Research

11.“Lake Aeration: A Water Quality and Hydrodynamic Dispersion Study”, (August 15, 2019 – December 31, 2020) 

PI: Gary Shafran (ODU-CEE), Co-PI: Navid Tahvildari

Funded by: City of Norfolk

10. Modeling Shoreline Erosion in Response to Storm Tides and Relative Sea Level Rise (July 1, 2019-June 31, 2021)

PI: Navid Tahvildari

Funded by: Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency

9.The Role of Seagrasses in Mitigating Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Impacts on Coastal Infrastructure: Integration of Hydrodynamics, Biophysics, and Sediment Geochemistry (Multidisciplinary Research Seed Grant) (January 15, 2018- December 31, 2018)

PI: Tahvildari, Collaborators: Richard Zimmerman and David Burdige (ODU-OAES Dept)

Funded by: Batten College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University 

8.Nature-Based Features for Coastal Resilience: Quantifying Wave Dissipation (June 2017- May 2019)

PI: Tahvildari

Funded by: Virginia Sea Grant (NOAA) -Through Graduate Research Fellowship

7.An Integrated Dynamic Modeling Approach for Flooding of Coastal Transportation Infrastructure: Assessment of Impacts on Emergency Operations, (May 1, 2017–May 31, 2018)

PI: Tahvild ari, Co-PIs: Goodall (UVA), Murray-Tuite (Virginia Tech), Cetin (ODU).

Funded by: Department of Transportation through Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability University Transportation Center (MATS UTC) 

6.Investigating the Effects of Nature-based Coastal Measures in Storm Damage Mitigation (February 1, 2017 – June 1, 2017)

PI: Tahvildari

Funded by: Old Dominion University Resilience Collaborative

5.Quantifying Wave Dissipation Effects of Living Shorelines (September  2016- September 2017)

PI: Tahvildari

Funded by: Virginia Sea Grant 

4.Investigating the Vulnerability of the Transportation Infrastructure in Hampton Roads Region to Extreme Weather and Sea Level Rise (July 1, 2016- June 1, 2017)

PI: Tahvildari, Co-PI: Cetin

Funded by: Virginia Department of Transportation through Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC)

3.Modeling the Protection Services of Flood Mitigation Measures in the City of Franklin, Virginia (August 16, 2016-August 1, 2018)

PI: Tahvildari, Co-PI: Ma

Funded by: Private Gift

2.Dissipative Effect of Coastal Vegetation on Water Waves (July 2015)

PI: Tahvildari

Funded by: Old Dominion University Office of Research (Summer Research Fellowship Program)

1.Nonlinear Wave Processes over Cohesive Sediments (August 2015 – August 2017)

PI: Tahvildari

Funded by: Old Dominion University