Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers:

In review:

  • Tahvildari, N., Castrucci, L*., “Relative Sea Level Rise Impacts on Storm Surge Flooding of Transportation Infrastructure”, Revised and resubmitted to ASCE-Natural Hazards Review.
  • Sharifineyestani, E.*, Tahvildari, N., “Numerical Modeling of Current Effects on Nonlinear Surface Wave Propagation over Viscoelastic Mud”, Under review in Ocean Modelling.
  • Tahvildari, N., Zeller, R. “A Computational Model for Wave Interaction with Highly Flexible Vegetation”, Under Review in Fluids and Structures.


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6. Castrucci, L.* and Tahvildari, N. (2018) “Modeling the Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Storm Surge Inundation in Flood-Prone Urban Areas of Hampton Roads, Virginia” Marine Technology Society Journal (Special Issue on Coastal Resiliency in Hampton Roads), 52 (2), 68–83, DOI: 10.4031/MTSJ.52.2.8.

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In preparation: 

  • Tahvildari, N., Fringer, O. B., and Peacock, T. ” A parametric study of generation of internal tides over a submerged ridge”, in preparation for Journal of Physical Oceanography.

Other Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Tahvildari, N., Sharifineyestani, E.*, “Nonlinear Wave Processes Over Coastal Muds,” Under Review in  Encyclopedia of Water: Science, Technology, and Society, Publisher: Wiley.

Conference Proceedings:

6. Castrucci, L.*, and Tahvildari, N. (2017) “Hydrodynamic Modeling of Storm Surge Flooding in the Transportation Infrastructure in Southeast Virginia”, Proceedings of MTS/IEEE Oceans Conference, Anchorage, AL.

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*supervised graduate students.