My name is Lisa Nicole Tyson, but most people just call me Elle.  I am the Assistant Director of ePortfolio & Digital Initiatives with the Academic Success Center at Old Dominion University (ODU). I am a PhD student in English at ODU, where I also completed an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, and I have a B.A. in Modern Foreign Languages from James Madison University.

My professional goal is to be the director of a multiliteracy center, where I can use my creativity in conjunction with my knowledge of digital and language pedagogy, as well as my experience with tutoring best practices. My primary linguistics research focus, during my graduate studies, was using conversation analysis (CA) to investigate identity construction in everyday interactions. My research interests have shifted to focus more on tutor/tutee interactions and digital identity/online branding in ePortfolios, which relates more closely to my current position, running the ODU ePortfolio Studio.

I am a licensed hair stylist in addition to being a teacher, tutor and administrator. I am fluent in Italian and French and have spent time learning the basics of many other languages.  In my leisure time, I enjoy spending time with my dog, a Chinese Crested named Jolly Roger, working in my garden, reading, making music and crafting.