Student Researcher

Shohreh Pedram earned a Ph.D. degree (Civil and Environmental Engineering) in Aug. 2017 from Old Dominion University. She holds M.S. and B.S. degrees from University of Tehran, Iran. Her dissertation is titled “Simulated Dynamics of Soil Water and Pore Vapor in a Semiarid Ecosystem.” She has three-years industry experiences in hydraulic modeling of storm water and potable water system; maintaining water and sewerage infrastructure; designing pump system, pipeline and treatment plant; developing effective methods for water control system; simulating hydraulic structures and drainage ditches; and scheduling irrigation and flood control.

Rui Li, EIT, did her defense in Aug. 2017 and is currently pending for the submission of a final version of the dissertation to get her Ph.D.  (Civil and Environmental Engineering)  from Old Dominion University. Her dissertation is titled “Predicting Effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Hydrologic Processes in a Mid-Atlantic Coastal Watershed.” She holds a from Iowa State University, USA and  a B.S. degree from Beijing Normal University, China. Never stop to learn, to live, to explore, and to grow. A yoga lover, bike rider, and positive thinker. Originated from China and passionate for the life.

Homa Jalaeian Taghadomi is currently a Ph.D. candidate majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Old Dominion University. Her research focuses on watershed modeling, flooding, and climate change and its adaptation. Homa holds M.S. (2012) from University Putra Malaysia and B.S. (2007) from University of Birjand, Iran, both in Environmental Science.

Xiaomin Yang, EIT, earned a M.S. (Civil Engineering) from Old Dominion University in fall 2014. Her thesis, titled “Hydro-Climate Temporal Variations and Their Influences on Net Primary Production in a Eurasian Watershed,” focuses on impacts of climate change on water resources. She holds a B.S. from Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. Currently, she is an civil engineer of a consulting firm in Virginia, USA.

Xiao Zhao, earned a M.E. (Environmental Engineering) from Old Dominion University in August 2017. His project report, titled “Revisiting Virginia Runoff Reduction Method for Stormwater Management Using Low Impact Development Devices,” focuses on planning, design and implementation of low impact development (LID) devices (e.g., bioretention pond and permeable pavement) for urban stormwater management. He holds a B.S. from Xiameng University of China. His favorite hobby is playing intelligent computer games.  .

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