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‘An excellent textbook for surface water and groundwater hydraulics, as well as water resources engineering.’
Krishnanand  Maillacheruvu,
Bradley University

‘The end-of-chapter problems are very instructive for students and course instructors.’
Vijay P. Singh,
Texas A&M University

This textbook, specifically written for an upper-level one-semester class of water resources and hydraulics, is most appropriate for students set to major in civil engineering, water resources engineering, or environmental engineering. It covers fundamental materials, practical examples, and problems in depth to maximize teaching-learning results, and uses plenty illustrations and annotated equations to increase readability. It is devised for students to efficiently gain the basic capability of hydrologic analysis (e.g., estimation of design storm, runoff volume, and peak discharge) and hydraulic design (e.g., selection of pump and turbine; sizing of channel, conduit, bridge opening, and culvert; and computation of water surface profile). The main audience will be college juniors and seniors who have taken a one-semester class on hydromechanics or fluid mechanics, but may or may not have taken a class of hydrology. Additionally, this textbook can be used as a reference for practical engineers, consultants, and water resources managers.

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