Dr. Jesse Richman is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Old Dominion University.  He holds a PHD in Political Science from Carnegie Mellon University, and came to ODU in 2006 after teaching at Vanderbilt University.  Dr. Richman teaches courses in American Politics and research methods for the Department of Political Science and Geography, and also teaches Game Theory, Statistics, and Research Methods for the Graduate Program in International Studies.

Dr. Richman has authored and co-authored refereed articles on American politics which have appeared in numerous scholarly journals including American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, Legislative Studies Quarterly, State Politics and Policy Quarterly, and Electoral Studies.

He served as an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow from 2011-2012, and completed a Fulbright grant in Budapest Hungary in Fall 2019.  He has appeared on most of the national television networks, has published opinion pieces with leading national and international newspapers, and has conducted numerous television, radio, and print media interviews.  He has served as Director of the Social Science Research Center at Old Dominion University, and as Acting Director of the Graduate Program in International Studies.