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Interview on the Presidential Election

Long form interview on the presidential election today. Here are the links to today’s conversation on WAVY.com and Facebook. WAVY.com: https://www.wavy.com/news/politics/local-politics/virginia-presidential-primary-is-one-month-away/ https://www.facebook.com/wavytv10/videos/418417920628939/

Working Paper: Protecting Free Speech While Countering Internet Misinformation: The Rebuttal Strategy

I presented a version of this paper at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association conference in April 2022.

Condorcet Jury Theorem and Popular Consent

Review of “The People Cannot Choose a Constitution: Constituent Power’s Inability to Justify Ratification Referrendums” by Jeffrey A. Lenowitz.  Published in the Journal of Politics, Volume 83 Number 2.  https://doi.org/10.1086/709864 In “The People Cannot Choose a Constitution: Constituent Power’s Inability… Continue Reading →

Control of the Virginia House of Delegates is in play

The Virginia House of Delegates could go either way.  Nearly all of the commentary and attention focused on Virginia’s 2021 elections has been directed at the race for governor.  But an even closer contest is playing out in districts across the… Continue Reading →

Redistricting and Cake Cutting

The latest and greatest reform effort heading into the 2020 post-census redistricting was the shift by a number of states towards an effort to take the politics out of redistricting through redistricting commissions.  In some places this seems to be… Continue Reading →

Non-Citizen Voting in 2020? A preliminary look at the 2020 CCES

Several years ago my coauthors and I did a study looking at the 2008 and 2010 CCES survey data in order to try to estimate the prevalence of non-citizen participation in US elections. The basic theoretical idea behind the study… Continue Reading →

Friday Brownbag Via Zoom — Populism and Duverger’s Law in Hungary

This afternoon my department took a first step towards keeping research dialogue going despite the shutdown when we held a virtual Brownbag research talk where I presented some reflections on my Fulbright grant study of populism in Hungary. The video… Continue Reading →

Report on ODU Region Presidential Primary Poll

Course Highlights Fall 2019

Why is Everyone Running For President?

Hat tip for Brian Roberts for getting me interested in this data. It’s remarkable how much of a phase shift seems to have happened with the 2016 cycle. Suddenly many more people were ‘running’ for President. The Ballotpedia graph below indicates… Continue Reading →

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