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Course Highlights Fall 2019

Why is Everyone Running For President?

Hat tip for Brian Roberts for getting me interested in this data. It’s remarkable how much of a phase shift seems to have happened with the 2016 cycle. Suddenly many more people were ‘running’ for President. The Ballotpedia graph below indicates… Continue Reading →

Of Data and the Kobach Verdict

In my read of the opinion by Judge Robinson in the Kobach trial, I was disappointed to see that the judge’s interpretation of the data was riddled with omissions and inaccuracies.   Let me give you a few examples:  … Continue Reading →

Results of Analyses of Non-Citizen Voter-Registration for Kansas

The slides attached here summarize the data analyses I conducted for the state of Kansas as part of my work as an expert witness in Fish v. Kobach.  These summarize a range of analyses of the rate of non-citizen registration… Continue Reading →

Coverage of Kobach trial verdict

I appreciate that the New York Times piece discussing the Fish v. Kobach verdict no longer misleads people quite as dramatically as some earlier coverage concerning my methodology.  That said, I am disappointed that it continues to express confusion about… Continue Reading →

Reversion to the Mean and Ratings of Democratic Performance

Brightline recently released the report of their third wave of expert surveys concerning the health of U.S. democracy.   The survey report is here: http://brightlinewatch.org/blw-survey-wave3/. One of the interesting aspects of this wave of the survey is that the authors compare the results… Continue Reading →

Why I would sign the “open letter” if it were true.

Dear Signers of the Open Letter, There is an “open letter” going around that is critical of my coauthored study on non-citizen voting.  If the open letter was accurate, I would sign it too.  And so I can well imagine… Continue Reading →

Wired: Author of Trump’s Favorite Voter Fraud Study Says Everyone’s Wrong

Wired ran a piece recently which on the whole does a good job of handling the complexities of the voter fraud issue. https://www.wired.com/2017/01/author-trumps-favorite-voter-fraud-study-says-everyones-wrong/

Virginian Pilot Story: “Trump’s order for “major investigation” into voter fraud is based on misquoted ODU research”

A nice discussion of the current situation concerning the Trump Administration and my non-citizen voting study in the Virginian Pilot this morning. It begins: “If Jesse Richman could get one message to President Donald Trump, it would probably be this:… Continue Reading →

Is it plausible that non-citizen votes account for the entire margin of Trump’s popular vote loss to Clinton?

January 24, 2017. Although Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed today that millions voted illegally in the November 2016 election, on November 28, 2016 I published the following statement indicating that our analysis does not support his claim. Since then, no… Continue Reading →

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