This graphic takes data from a recent report concerning the number of non-citizens removed from voting rolls in various Virginia counties because they disclosed information (apparently primarily to the DMV) that they were non-citizens.  The terminated-registration rate varies from 4.8 percent to 0.3 percent, although the Alexandria City (0.3%) data may be incorrect, as the report narration describes initially being shown a list of hundreds of names, and then later only receiving a list of 70.

The percentage estimates reflect the division of the number of non-citizen-registrants removed from the rolls by an estimate of the number of non-citizens in the adult population derived from the Current Population Survey.

Obviously this data reflects a lower bound on the portion of non-citizens who have accidentally or intentionally registered to vote in Virginia — these are the individuals for whom those safeguards that are in place did actually (or eventually as a number of them voted) work to end their illegal voter registration.


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