A nice discussion of the current situation concerning the Trump Administration and my non-citizen voting study in the Virginian Pilot this morning.

It begins:

“If Jesse Richman could get one message to President Donald Trump, it would probably be this:

Stop misquoting our research.

Richman, an associate professor at Old Dominion University, found his work tangled up in Trump’s latest effort to support his unsubstantiated claim that millions of illegal ballots were cast in November – the reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

Trump announced Wednesday that he’s ordering a “major investigation” into voter fraud – a claim he first made on the campaign trail, then repeated this week at a meeting with Republican leaders.

Richman heard his research – or some twist on it – being cited by White House press secretary Sean Spicer as he defended Trump’s “long-standing belief” to a room full of reporters Tuesday:

“I think there have been studies; there was one that came out of Pew in 2008 that showed 14 percent of people who have voted were not citizens.”

Spicer got it all wrong, according to Richman.

“First of all, he’s confusing our study with another study,” Richman said, “and then he’s flipping ours around and exaggerating the most extreme estimates from it.”

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