Ralph Sauer has arranged 24 selected fugues from both volumes of J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier for four trombones, published by Cherry Classics Music. I arranged their corresponding preludes and recorded all in a project called The Perilously Tempered Trombone, released July 2020. This is Fugue No.10 from the project.

Trombone 1. Conn 36h alto trombone with B-flat attachment, Greg Black custom mouthpiece modeled after Mt. Vernon Bach 15
Trombone 2. Bach 36BO tenor trombone with convertible f attachment, Schilke 50 mouthpiece
Trombone 3. Bach 36BO tenor trombone with convertible f attachment, Houser custom mouthpiece modeled after Bach 5GS
Trombone 4. Conn 62HCL bass trombone, CKB stock 1 1/2G mouthpiece