Length of private lesson:
1 credit = half hour per week
2-3 credits = one hour per week

The instructor reserves the right to group students into semi-private or class lessons in the 100 level of study. Often this arrangement proves advantageous to the technical and musical development of the students involved. Such arrangement will be carefully reviewed each semester to maintain optimum growth in all students involved.

Prospective students who play an acceptable audition will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. However, the following priority assignments in private instruction will be maintained:
• FIRST Music majors/minors studying their major or required instruments.
• SECOND Non-music majors on music scholarships.
• THIRD Music majors who wish to study an additional instrument on which they are already reasonably proficient.
• FOURTH Other students performing in Department of Music ensembles.
• FIFTH General university students who wish instruction.
Any student who leaves the program (does not take applied music) for two consecutive semesters or more is required to re-audition to return. Such students may have to wait for a space to open in the studio, even though they re-audition successfully.