• A personal audition with the faculty or a tape recording will serve to determine the student's
acceptability and to make appropriate level placement.
• Students enrolled in trombone/euphonium study are expected to complete the minimum
requirements as outlined here in order to attain a proficiency level necessary to complete each
level of study and to meet graduation requirements for each degree program.
• In each of the levels of study described below, more stress is placed on the quality of
performance and literature than on the difficulty of the works. It is understood that the works listed
below are not themselves the course(s) of study, but merely indicate the comparative levels of
achievement to be attained. Repertoire should include compositions from a full range of historical
periods whenever applicable.
• Each semester of study is considered to be prerequisite for continuing study. The exit
requirement for promotion in level, or for graduation, is the approval of the instructor and jury,
who must be satisfied that the sum of tone, technique, musicianship, accuracy, etc. is adequate.

Since no two students will enter the program at exactly the same level the following is a general indication
of MINIMUM achievement at each level. Many students, particularly performance majors, will enter the
program with greater levels of ability than is shown in the first few course numbers. Nevertheless, all
students will proceed through all course numbers required by their particular degree. Similar levels of skill
and achievement is required from everyone enrolled in any particular level but performance majors are
expected to deliver greater quantity.