The goal of a daily routine, especially for the developing student, is acquisition of technical skills, range, endurance, strength training and maintenance. Seek to develop mastery in these areas. Alter your routine every few weeks to acquire new skills. In the following format, percentages suggest the amount of time you should spend in each category. Of course, this will vary according to your strengths and weaknesses. You should spend at least a half hour each day on your routine to see measurable results.

20% Long tones + mouthpiece buzzing + dynamics

20% Slow slurs + dynamics

10% Flexibility + dynamics

10% Tonguing: single, double, triple

8% Long, low, slow, loud playing

25% Scales and arpeggios

5% Range/endurance

2% Warm down

Consult the following resources for daily routine material, and/or generate your own material:

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