1. To continuously develop musical concept, which enables the student to project a musical experience in an expressive and convincing manner utilizing materials from the course of study. The student should keep certain long range goals in mind:

a. Removal of all inhibiting tensions.

b. Development of a coordination pattern that is consistent with mastery of trombone/euphonium technique.

c. Development and maintenance of physical strength and endurance within body musculature to meet the requirements of performance.

d. Development of the ability to consistently deliver inspired performances, in much the same way actors perform in the theater. Particular emphasis shall be given to mastery of the following elements of technique:

  • Control of the breath.
  • Control of time (rhythm, meter, tempo, nuance, etc.).
  • Control of the embouchure and tongue.
  • Control of the instrument.

2. To continuously develop mastery of reading and comprehension of music, enabling the student to respond to symbols in such a manner:

a. That the technique of playing the instrument will be subordinated to the realization of the musical experience, and

b. That the music will have meaning for the student apart from the act of performing.

3. To continuously develop a conceptualization of teaching principles that the student will be able to utilize upon becoming an active teacher.