Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes for brass ensemble and piano

Released 2017.
Liebeslieder Waltzes Op.52, a collection of eighteen, short love songs originally for SATB chorus and 4-hands piano. This arrangement comprises 30 minutes of music for 12-part brass ensemble and piano. Instrumentation: 4 Trumpets in B-flat, 3 Horns, 4 Trombones, Tuba and Piano 4 hands.

J.S. Bach School for Trombone

Released 2019.
J.S. Bach. J.S. Bach School for Trombone 15 two-part Inventions and 15 three-part Sinfonias BWV 772-801 edited, arranged and recorded by Mike Hall. Vancouver, BC, Canada: Cherry Classics Music. 2019.
• 71 pages of the complete Two-part Inventions and Three-part Inventions in score format.
• Introduction and commentary on each piece including detailed instruction on how to best perform baroque ornaments on each instrument.
• 150 tracks (in high quality lossless WAV format) including complete performance of each piece on alto, tenor and bass trombone and every possible combination of individual voices to allow “Play-along” practice. Each of these tracks includes a metronome click to aid practice.

Galliard - Six Sonatas for Trombone & Keyboard or Continuo

Released 2016.
Johann Ernst Galliard. Six Sonatas edited for Trombone & Keyboard/Continuo. Performance edition by Mike Hall and keyboard realization by Thomas Marshall.

A booklet is included that gives extensive solutions and suggestions for embellishing in the galant style as demonstrated on our recording. It features an incredibly powerful 18th century tool for improvising passage work taken Michael Wiedeburg’s Pedagogy of Modular Diminutions. Background on Galliard and performance practice of the period is also included.

Released 2008.
Benedetto Marcello. Sonatas 1-3 for Trombone & Keyboard/Continuo. Critical edition by Mike Hall. Keyboard realization by Rebecca Bell and Mike Hall.

Released 2009.
Benedetto Marcello. Sonatas 4-6 for Trombone & Keyboard/Continuo. Critical edition and keyboard realization by Mike Hall.

A booklet is included in both editions that give extensive solutions and suggestions for embellishing in the Italian style as demonstrated on our recording. Background on Marcello and performance practice of the period is also included.

Compact disc review published in the Online Trombone Journal:

Mike Hall served as Literature Reviews Editor for the International Trombone Association Journal, 1998-2022. His column appears in each quarterly issue beginning with volume 26 number 3, (Summer 1998). Read reviews he has authored online:
January 31, 2019
Holberg Suite by Edward Grieg, transcribed for 10-part brass ensemble (two brass quintets) by James Haynor.

or in the following ITAJ issues:

Volume 47 no.2 (Spring 2019)

  • 24 Low Legato Studies: “The Money Register” by William H. “Bill” Hill, edited by Charles Vernon.

ITAJ Volume 45 no.3 (Summer 2017)

  • Compatible Trios for Winds: 32 Trios that Can Be Played by Any Combination of Wind Instruments by composer/arranger, Larry Clark.
  • Tower Sonata No.3 by Gottfried Reiche, transcribed and edited for four trombones by the English Trombone Consort.

ITAJ Volume 44 no.1 (Winter 2016)

  • Five Easy Trios by Felix Mendelssohn, arranged for three trombones by Robin Benton.
  • The Caisson Song arranged for three trombones by Al Hager.
  • Eight Easy Carols arranged for four trombones by Robin Benton.

ITAJ Volume 43 no.4 (Fall 2015)

  • Isle of Mann for eight trombones by Kenyon Wilson.
  • Bordogni Suite by Marco Bordogni, arranged for three trombones and tuba by Andrew Heading.
  • Prelude to Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, arranged for brass choir by Michael Stewart.

ITAJ Volume 41 no.2 (Winter 2013)

  • Dance Suite by Robin Benton.

ITAJ Volume 41 no.1 (Winter 2013)

  • Variations on Simple Gifts by Michael Stewart.

ITAJ Volume 40 no. 4 (Fall 2012)

  • Rigaudon from Idoméenée-1712 by André Campra, arranged by William D. Pardus. 64
  • Concert Fanfare Opus 473 by David Uber. 64

ITAJ Volume 40 no.2 (Spring 2012)

  • A History of the Trombone by David M. Guion. 43-45

ITAJ Volume 40 no.1 (Winter 2012)

  • Jubilate Deo: “Sing Out to the Lord” 1597 by Giovanni Gabrieli, transcribed by David Mathie. 44

ITAJ Volume 37 no.2 (Spring 2009)

  • Sonata No.4 by Dario Castello, arranged by Richard I. Schwartz and Mark LaFratta. 40-1.

ITAJ Volume 36 no.2 (April 2008)

  • The Trombone by Trevor Herbert. 67-9.
  • Sonata for Trombone and Piano by Joseph Trapanese. 71-2.
  • Three Admirations for bass trombone and piano by Daniel Kallman. 72.

ITAJ Volume 35 no.4 (October 2007)

  • Also Sprach Arnold Jacobs: A Developmental Guide for Brass Wind Musicians compiled by Bruce Nelson. 76.

ITAJ Volume 35 no.2 (April 2007):

  • 20 minute Warm-up Routine by Michael Davis. 62.

ITAJ Volume 35 no.1 (January 2007):

  • An Elizabethan Songbook for trumpet, trombone or euphonium and piano by Eric Ewazen. 58-9.

ITAJ Volume 34 no. 2 (April 2006):

  • Solos for the Student Trombonist: An Annotated Bibliography Second Edition edited by J. Mark Thompson. 72-3.

ITAJ Volume 34 no. 1 (January 2006):

  • The Sadness In My Soul for trombone and piano by Vitaly Chepelenko. 71-2.
  • Sonata for trombone and piano by Oksana Pohilo. 72.
  • Concerto No.4 for two trombones and orchestra by Vitaly Patzera. 75.

ITAJ Volume 33 no. 4 (October 2005):

  • Coney Island Medley for four trombones by Applegate, Goodwin and Meyer, arranged by John Pursell. 82.

ITAJ Volume 33 no. 1 (January 2005)

  • Selected Trombone Masterclasses, Vol.1, 2001 and Selected Breathing Masterclasses, Vol.1, 2002 by Windplayer Publications. 62-63.

ITAJ Volume 32 no. 3 (July 2004):

  • ·”Listen to the others . . . as well” for four trombones by Marin Valtchanov. 63.

ITAJ Volume 32 no. 2 (April 2004):

  • · Night Song for trombone and piano by Athony Iannaccone. 56.

ITAJ Volume 32 no. 1 (January 2004):

  • Sonata for Trombone and Piano by David L. Wells. 64.

ITAJ Volume 31 no. 4 (October 2003):

  •  Prélude, élégie et final for tenor or bass trombone or tuba and piano by Jean-Michel Damase. 81.
  • ·Fantasy for Trombone and piano by Elizabeth Raum. 81-82.

ITAJ Volume 31 no. 3 (July 2003):

  • Eclogue for trombone and piano by Alan Ridout. 62.
  • Solo de Concours for trombone and piano by Adrien Barthe. 62.

ITAJ Volume 31 no. 2 (April 2003):

  • Lynn Meadows Waltz for trombone and piano by Lennie Niehaus. 49.
  • Daily Routines for Trombone by David Vining.49-50.

ITAJ Volume 31 no. 1 (January 2003):

  • Rapsodie Armoricaine for trombone and piano by Marc Lys. 72.

.ITAJ Volume 30 no.4 (October 2002):

  • Dark Tango for trombone and organ by Charles Hoag. 93-4.

ITAJ Volume 30 no.3 (July 2002):

  • A Heroic Tale for eight trombones by Eric Hankey. 58.

ITAJ Volume 30 no.2 (April 2002):

  • Arban Complete Method for Trombone and Euphonium, Joseph Alessi and Brian Bowman, editors. 43-4.

ITAJ Volume 30, no.1 (January 2002):

  • Concerto in B-flat major for alto trombone and strings by J.G. Albrechtsberger. 73.

ITAJ Volume 28, no.3 (Summer 2000):

  • Sonatina for trombone and piano by Jan Koetsier. 59.
  • Chorale for trombone quartet by Rodney S. Miller. 62.

ITAJ Volume 28, no.1 (Winter 2000):

  • Fond Memories of Frank Rosolino: Historical Notes and Transcriptions by Herwig, Pivert, and Benedict. 56.
  • Sonatina for trombone and piano by David Uber. 57.

ITAJ Volume 27 no.4 (Fall 1999):

  • The Trombone: An Annotated Bibliography by G.B. Lane. 72.

ITAJ Volume 27 no.1 (Winter 1999):

  • wotda . . ., for trombone and audience members by Dan Aldag. 59-60.

ITAJ Volume 26 no. 4 (Fall 1998):

  • In Darkest Africa and Cakewalk Contest for trombone and piano by Arthur Pryor, edited by Ken Shifrin. 81.
  • Trumpet Voluntary for trombone quartet by Jeremiah Clarke, arranged by Ronald C. Dishinger. 82.
  • Madrigal: Madonna mia gentil for trombone quartet by Luca Marenzio, arranged by Ronald C. Dishinger. 82.
  • The Pink Panther for trombone quartet by Henry Mancini, arranged by Dennis Armitage. 83.

ITAJ Volume 26, no.3 (Summer 1998):

  • Subadobe for trombone only by Fredrik Högberg. 60.
  • Concertino for 2 horns (or horn and alto trombone) and orchestra/piano reduction by Michael Haydn, edited by Róbert Árpád Murányi. 60-1.
  • 50 Études Faciles et Progressives, vol. 2, Études variées sur la souplesse et le legato, vols. 1 and 3 for trombone by Jérôme Naulais. 61-2.