Play all the music as soon as possible. - Gunther Schuller (or something to that general effect; paraphrased)


You must be aware of problems to fix them. Focus on these four areas when you listen to playback of your practice. Rehearse solutions, then record the passage again. Listen critically, but with a positive, constructive attitude.

All the music= Rhythm
Do I deviate from metronomic rhythm because the music invites deviation, or because my technique wavers?

Do all notes have center and focus, especially phrase beginnings, leaps, extreme dynamics, fast stuff, or is the sound only great on long notes?

Does each note start and stop cleanly with style and aplomb, or do I leave some unattended?

Do I truly make music within the limits given by the composer, or am I sacrificing expression for safety?

  • Your recording device is the most factual, unbiased and clear reflection of what you are really doing.
  • You are the most important judge of your own work.
  • Your attitude about yourself, your ability and your musicianship are the most important factors in your development. Take a look at the survey below to see where you stand.