JOHANN ERNST GALLIARD, (John Ernest) was born in Celle, Germany to a French father, learned flute and oboe from a member of the Celle orchestra, which he joined in 1698, and soon after began composition studies in Hanover with Steffani and Farinelli. When the Celle orchestra disbanded in 1706, he went to London to play oboe and bassoon in Queen Anne’s Consort and in 1710 was appointed organist at Somerset House. In 1711 he appears to have replaced Loeillet as solo oboist in the Queen’s Theater where Handel wrote specifically for him. Galliard became a leading force in the musical life of London as a theater composer and as founding member of the Academy of Ancient Music, 1726, and the Royal Society of Musicians, 1738. These sonatas were apparently requested by Handel’s bassoonist, Kennedy. They were announced May 1, 1733 as Six Sonatas for the Bassoon or Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord, published by John Walsh, London. Translating effectively to other instruments, modern low brass players have adopted them as standard repertoire. Our performance is given with free embellishment in the galant style and pursues a variety of Affekt ranging from profound to comic.

This project is made possible through the generous support of the Old Dominion University Office of Research and College of Arts & Letters. Special thanks to Tom Marshall, Christopher White, Steve Latham, John Toomey, Charles Wilson.

Recorded June 3-6, 2013 in Chandler Recital Hall on the campus of Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA. Produced and engineered by Steve Latham.

Instruments: Bach Stradivarius 42K tenor trombone with F attachment. Greg Black standard weight, custom mouthpiece. Harpsichord: Robert Duffy (1983) based on 1783 French harpsichord by Paschal Taskin. Tuning: 440Hz.

Microphones:  trombone/bass Neumann U87AI into API 512B preamp
harpsichord AKG C414XLII pair into Neeve Portico 5012 preamp
Ambient pair AKG C414B-ULS

Mike Hall is a C.G. Conn and Selmer Bach performing artist.

 MIKE HALL teaches trombone/euphonium and brass chamber music at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, and serves as Literature Reviews Editor for the International Trombone Association Journal. He previously served on the faculties of the University of Kansas and Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Hall has performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and China performing a range of styles and literature with symphony orchestras, wind and chamber ensembles and as featured soloist. He also has an extensive background in commercial music backing entertainers, playing in large and small group jazz settings, and performing in theater and studio recording ensembles. His study of Baroque performance practice as applied to trombone has led to four solo recordings: Arcangelo Corelli Solo Chamber Sonatas, Opus 5; J.S. Bach: The Gamba Sonatas; Benedetto Marcello Solo Sonatas, Opus 1 and J.S. Bach: Art of Fugue. His performing editions of the Marcello and Galliard sonatas are published by Cherry Classics Music, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

THOMAS MARSHALL has been a member of the keyboard faculty at the College of William and Mary since 1991. He has also served for more than two decades as harpsichordist for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation where he has performed numerous works of the concerto grosso style in original orchestrations, on original instruments. He is featured on many of the historical recordings issued by the Foundation. A longtime member of the American Guild of Organists, he has served as organist for the Williamsburg United Methodist Church since 1977. He performs frequently with the Virginia Symphony, numerous baroque chamber ensembles, and organ and harpsichord recitals throughout the United States and Europe.

CHRISTOPHER WHITE is Assistant Principal Bass of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and is also a member of the Grant Park Orchestra in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island and the Manhattan School of Music, where he received the Master of Music degree. He teaches bass at Old Dominion University, the College of William & Mary, Christopher Newport University, and the Virginia Governor’s School for the Arts.

Sonata No.1 (A minor)

  1. Cantabile
  2. Spiritoso è Staccato: A Tempo Moderato
  3. Largo e Staccato
  4. Hornpipe a l’Inglese: Allegro è Staccato
  5. Vivace

Sonata No.2 (G major/E minor)

  1. Andante: Adagio
  2. Vivace
  3. Alla Ciciliana Cantabile
  4. Spiritoso è Allegro

Sonata No.3 (F major)

  1. Largo
  2. Allegro: Adagio
  3. Spiritoso

Sonata No.4 (E minor)

  1. Adagio: Allegro è Staccato: Adagio
  2. Allemanda: A Tempo giusto
  3. Corrente: Spiritoso
  4. Tempo di Menuet: Moderato

Sonata No.5 (D minor)

  1. Adagio
  2. Allegro e Spiritoso
  3. Alla Ciciliana
  4. Allegro assai

Sonata No.6 (C major/C minor)

  1. Larghetto
  2. Alla Breve
  3. Sarabanda
  4. Menuet alternat:

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This project is made possible through the generous support of the Old Dominion University Office of Research and College of Arts & Letters.