BENEDETTO MARCELLO hailed from a wealthy Venetian family and held posts in several regional governments. He was not a professional musician but he often composed music for weekly academies. These social gatherings of the nobility featured poetry, music, oratory and debate. Admired throughout Europe, Marcello’s music was freely transcribed and arranged by JS Bach, Rossini, Bizet, Verdi and a host of others. In his sacred vocal works Marcello displays a profound religious devotion but also he shows a sharp wit and sense of humor in his comic satires. Highly expressive, he is masterful at communicating mood. While these sonatas were published late in his life, they were probably composed much earlier. Originally conceived for cello, they translate effectively to other instruments; low brass players have adopted them as standard repertoire. This performance is given with free embellishment in the Italian style and pursues a variety of Affekt ranging from profound to comic.

This project is made possible through the generous support of the Old Dominion University Office of Research and College of Arts & Letters. Special thanks to Rebecca Bell, Christopher White, Ross Walter, Curt Blankenship, Vernon McCart, Steve Latham, Heather Huling, Bob Jones, Svetlana Betlak, Jeraldine Davis, Carolyn Carter, Lee Furr, Chandra de Silva, Dennis Zeisler, Andrey Kasparov.

Recorded May 30-June 1, 2007 in Chandler Recital Hall on the campus of Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA. Produced and engineered by Ross Walter. Harpsichord technician: Vernon McCart. Cover art: Robert O. Jones.

Instruments: Bach Stradivarius 42K tenor trombone with F attachment. Greg Black standard weight, custom mouthpiece. Harpsichord: Eric Hertz, 1991 Italian. Tuning: 440Hz.

Microphones: Neumann KM183, KM184, TLM103. Recorders: Alesis HD24 and ML-9600.

This project is made possible through the generous support of the Old Dominion University Office of Research and College of Arts & Letters. Mike Hall is a C.G. Conn and Selmer Bach performing artist.

 MIKE HALL teaches trombone/euphonium and brass chamber music at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, and serves as Literature Reviews Editor for the International Trombone Association Journal. He previously served on the faculties of the University of Kansas and Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Hall has performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and China performing a range of styles and literature with symphony orchestras, wind and chamber ensembles and as featured soloist. He also has an extensive background in commercial music backing entertainers, playing in large and small group jazz settings, and performing in theater and studio recording ensembles. His extensive study of Baroque performance practice as applied to low brass instruments has led to three solo recordings: Arcangelo Corelli Solo Chamber Sonatas, Opus 5; J.S. Bach: The Gamba Sonatas and Benedetto Marcello Solo Sonatas, Opus 1.

REBECCA BELL studied at the Royal College of Music, London, where she won the prize for clavichord playing while studying with Ruth Dyson and Robert Woolley. She performs with the Kansas City Symphony and the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra and with the opera studio of Bill Hall. She is a member of the American Guild of Organists and is the principal organist at All Saints Episcopal Church, Kansas City, MO.

 CHRISTOPHER WHITE is Assistant Principal Bass of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and is also a member of the Grant Park Orchestra in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island and the Manhattan School of Music, where he received the Master of Music degree. He teaches bass at Old Dominion University, the College of William & Mary, Christopher Newport University, and the Virginia Governor’s School for the Arts.

Benedetto Marcello 1686-1739

Sonata No.1 in F major

  1. Largo              2:54
  2. Allegro            2:34
  3. Largo              1:34
  4. Allegro            2:08

Sonata No.2 in E minor

5.   Adagio            2:10

  1. Allegro            2:20
  2. Largo              1:16
  3. Andante          1:33

Sonata No.3 in A minor

  1. Adagio            1:37
  2. Allegro            2:42
  3. Largo              1:26
  4. Allegro            1:45

Sonata No.4 in G minor

  1. Adagio            2:02
  2. Allegro            2:52
  3. Largo              1:27
  4. Allegro            1:03

Sonata No.5 in C major

  1. Adagio            1:34
  2. Allegro            2:50
  3. Largo              1:18
  4. Allegro            2:18

Sonata No.6 in G major

  1. Adagio            3:16
  2. Allegro            1:59
  3. Grave              2:10
  4. Allegro            1:43

Total time:                  48:45