Welcome to my portfolio! I am the Director for ePortfolio and Digital Initiatives for the Academic Success Center at Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, VA. In this position, I create, facilitate, and assess faculty professional engagement opportunities, program design, and grant support/research for incorporating digital tools. Additionally, I design and coordinate student support for ePortfolio use. This support includes supervising ePortfolio Assistants (undergraduate peer mentors), creating/maintaining tutorials, and designing student workshops.  Finally, I coordinate with multiple High Impact Practice partners throughout ODU, developing a variety of initiatives aimed at improving the learning experience for students at all levels.

Recently, I successfully completed my doctorate in English Studies at Old Dominion University, pursuing the Literary/Cultural Studies and Rhetoric concentrations. My dissertation, Constructing an Early Modern Queen: Gender, Authority, and the Rhetoric of Identity, explores the intersection of gender and pedagogical histories which lead to the use of mimicry as a rhetorical strategy for marginalized figures during the sixteenth century. Finally, I am contingent faculty in the English Department, teaching Composition/Rhetoric, Introduction to Literature, Shakespeare, and Introduction to Early British Literature. My research and experience in English Studies and as instructor directly inform my ePortfolio Program design and related faculty development.

Please listen to my description of the intersection of my research and work in more detail below: