In AY 2017-2018, I am involved in an initiative to evolve ODU’s career preparation program (CAP), transforming it into LeADERS (Leadership, ePortfolio, Academic Internship, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Research, Service Learning). This program strives to guide students through purposeful engagement with high impact experiences within their coursework.

I have been involved from the earliest stages, working first on Design Thinking project to consider how we might build and implement this program within the year timeframe we were given. I am continuing to work with the Steering Committee to create a WordPress template for the program, a process for entering LeADERS and thereby activating the template, receiving on-going support for developing the LeADERS portfolio, and establishing a zero credit, online capstone course for guiding participants through the editing and submission process for the ePortfolio in order to signal they are ready to graduate the program.

The CHIP team provided this overview of LeADERS to several campus stakeholders as we worked to design, collaborate, and share the LeADERS program.

To view a demo of the template, please select the image below.

Additionally, during Summer 2018, I facilitated a pilot program with three potential LeADERS candidates, in which they created ePortfolios using the template or the instructions for creating LeADERS content on platforms other than WordPress. Materials from this pilot study, which include the overall design of the pilot and meeting agendas, are available here. Please select each image below to see the sites the students produced.


I also produced a mock LeADERS ePortfolio, modeling a graduating senior’s ePortfolio. That demonstration is available by selecting the image below.

Finally, I produced a series of BlackBoard modules as the final step for students completing the LeADERS program. Each step is a lowstakes assignment, guiding students to review and polish their ePortfolios and reflect on their LeADERS experience before submitting the portfolio as a formal mechanism for completing the program. A draft of those modules is available here.

[gview file=”https://fs.wp.odu.edu/mmize/wp-content/uploads/sites/479/2018/08/Copy-of-LeADERS-Online-Modules.pdf”]