University eP Site & Tutorials

As part of my original ePortfolio Training and Support Coordinator position and now within my position as Associate Director of ePortfolio and Digital Initiatives, I created and maintain the University’s ePortfolio Program website and resources on AEM. This website is constantly updated with material, such as ePortfolio examples, current research, models of teaching material, so forth. To see the website, please select the image below.

Additionally, I implemented a tutorial system shared on this site. Although we do not programmatically advocate for one ePortfolio platform over another, we do eschew purchasing dedicated ePortfolio systems. Instead, we offer support for readily available tools within and without ODU. Examples of such tools include Google Drive, Google Sites, Wix, and WordPress. In this approach, we offer tutorials for each of these platforms, often in response to instructor or student request. These tutorials are created and maintained in Google Drive, meaning that we are able to update each tutorial in Drive without having to reload new material to the University’s systems. Furthermore, faculty may re-use the links in their teaching materials each semester and should have up-to-date tutorials. At this point, we have created well over 100 tutorials. Please select the image below to view our tutorial page.